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Yep, I couldn’t think of a better title. Writing an opening paragraph is hard, I feel like everyone is watching. I’m no good at that sort of thing!

Anyway, here you will find a small collection of my thoughts, illustrations and creative projects. There will also be photos of my cats, for which I apologise. I love drawing things, but I should point out that I didn’t pick up a pencil as soon as I could crawl. I was always rubbish at art and wanted to be an engineer. I have no idea how this happened.

Latest Adventures


So, after 34 years, I have finally committed to getting a cat. Well, actually two if we are going to be pedantic. At the point of writing, we've had Jasper and Teddy for approx 4 months. Jasper is named after my dead childhood dog (he was awesome) and Teddy after Teddy from the Otter books.

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I Am Otter Website

At the moment I’m spending a lot of time on my other website ‘I Am Otter’. It’s lots of fun so you should check it out. Yep, I’m telling you to leave my website, and go to this one instead: www.iamotter.co.uk

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