So, after 34 years, I have finally committed to getting a cat. Well, actually two if we are going to be pedantic. 

At the point of writing, we’ve had Jasper and Teddy for approx 4 months. Jasper is named after my late childhood dog (he was awesome) and Teddy after Teddy from the Otter books. I’m pretty happy with these names, and to be honest, naming cats is harder than it looks. Big high five out there to all the fellow cat owners who have successfully given their cats half decent names!

Anyway, mostly I love the cats a lot. They do most things I would expect cats to do, and this pleases me. We have fun cuddling on the sofa, head scratches, and they make the funniest noises. Yeah, in a lot of respects these guys are the best cats ever. Unfortunately, they are also really very thick.

I know they aren’t dogs, but seriously, these cats are stupid. I was was hoping for at least a little name recognition, these two seem to have no idea. Seeing as they both look pretty identical, this does have some benefits as you don’t feel so bad using the names interchangeably. Hang on, maybe that’s the problem…

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Sam is an author Illustrator based in Caversham, UK. He tries to be cool as much as possible, but he's pretty average. He also now has cats, which he thinks makes him cooler. It doesn't.

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  1. Ruth February 13, 2018 at 2:28 pm - Reply

    Are you very pleased with yourself on these names, and did you get gold star???
    I love Otter and the series so much, i just bought all of them as a gift for a friend (and theoretically their child, but really, adults love your books)

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