So you want to talk to someone,  huh?

Ok, well here are three very good options. But how do I choose the right one? Good question, let me help. If you want to discuss something serious, I suggest Brooks. If you want to discuss non serious things then I suggest me. For toast advice or general life questions contact Otter.

I’m Sam, you may remember me from the introduction on the font page? You do? Great! I haven’t changed much since then.
Brooks Sherman
Brooks ShermanLiterary Agent
Brooks Sherman represents picture books, fiction for young adult and middle-grade-readers, select literary and commercial adult fiction, and nonfiction in the areas of humor, pop culture, and narrative nonfiction.

OtterStar of the Otter books
OK so just in case you wanted to get hold of Otter herlsef, I thought I would include her details. She’s fairly prolific on Twitter and Facebook!